Conoce 7 mujeres inspiradoras que trabajan en el experimento ATLAS


Las mujeres desempeñan un papel clave en el experimento ATLAS: desde físicos jóvenes al inicio de sus carreras a líderes del grupo de análisis y portavoces de la colaboración. Celebremos el Día Internacional de la Mujer tomando el tiempo para conocer a algunas de estas mujeres inspiradoras en ATLAS. Estás 7 mujeres representan a las más de 700 mujeres que trabajan en la actualidad en el experimento. Visita el siguiente enlace:

Imágenes: Silvia Biondi 

Texto: Katarina Anthony

1st COFI Summer School (July 11-19, 2016)…Deadline March 15th

1st COFI Summer School on «Advanced Instrumentation and Analysis Techniques» (July 11-19, 2016)

The «Colegio de Fisica Fundamental e Interdisciplinaria de las Americas» (COFI Institute)  will host its
first Summer School in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico from July 11-19, 2016

The theme of the school  is  «Advanced Instrumentation and Analysis Techniques» with lectures on
advanced statistics, machine learning, simulation, computational techniques, cryogenic detectors,
silicon detector, novel accelerator, high power laser and topics in geology, atmospheric and climate science,
relevant for future physics and astro experiments. The attendance is expected to be a mixture of graduate students and postdocs and is limited to 50 participants.

The daily program is comprised of lectures on the above topics at the beginning of morning and
afternoon sessions, and a mixture of special lectures on topical interests, relevant discussions and
local tours. It also includes student poster session and social activities in the historically rich Old San Juan.

Details of the 2016 COFI School can be found at:

The application deadline is March 15, 2016. We are very much looking
forward to seeing many of you in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, USA.

The  2016 COFI School Program Directors,
Anne Dabrowski (CERN)
Sudhir Malik (Univ. of Puerto Rico Mayaguez)
Roger Rusack (Univ. of  Minnesota)

COFI Institute Director,
Mayda Velasco (Northwestern Univ.)