What is CEVALE2VE?

CEVALE2VE was initially created with the goal of promoting and disseminating particle physics in Venezuela and now has extended to several Latin-American countries.

CEVALE2VE wants to create a modern academic environment to stimulate physics’ students to consider a career in scientific research while informing them about study opportunities and possible career paths in research. Our tools are mainly online courses, webinars as well established e-learning programs. Thanks to a partnership with the Physics without Frontiers program of the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) we also organise hands-on in person sessions in the universities once per year.

The community involves so far Venezuelan, Colombian, Peruvian and Mexican researchers working in international collaborations of High Energy Physics experiments, detector developments and computing science.

It is often the case that science is key to the development of emerging countries.  Research in fundamental science is at the backbone of this effort, by building communities of highly skilled scientists and technicians, by improving scientific education, and by fuelling technological innovation. The relevance of particle physics is not confined to fundamental scientific knowledge only. Due to its specific requirements,  research in particle physics catalyzes state-of-the-art technological developments, and yields many practical outcomes in electronics, information technologies, applications in medicine, open-access collaborative tools, and many more.

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