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CERN-Fermilab HCP Summer School 2017

The CERN-Fermilab Hadron Collider Physics Summer School is an advanced school targeted particularly at young postdocs and senior PhD students working towards the completion of their thesis project,  in both experimental HEP and phenomenology. This year it will take place at CERN between August 28th and September 6th at CERN.

Limited founding will be available for some participants. The deadline for applications is March 31st. More information here:

2017 CERN – Latin-American School of High-Energy Physics

The 2017 CERN – Latin-American School of High-Energy Physics will be held in San Juan del Rio, Mexico, 8 – 21 March 2017. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS IS 18 NOVEMBER 2016. The lectures will cover a broad range of HEP topics at a level suitable for students working for a PhD in experimental particle physics. Note that financial support may be available for Latin-American students attending the School. Although the School is targeted particularly at students from Latin-American countries, it is open to self-funding students coming from other regions. Details can be found from:

International Masterclasses in particle physics @Venezuela

Students from UCV, USB and ULA participated for the first time in the International MasterClasses 2016, an international hands on particle physics event. The event took place between April and May. Classes were dictated by  Reina Camacho (University of Chicago), Daniela Paredes (Yale University), Camila Rangel Smith (Uppsala University) y Arturo Sánchez (University of Naples) from CEVALE2VE.

The event counted with the support of  teachers and students from the different participant universities: Anabel Romero, Manuel Morgado, José Antonio López and Héctor Hernández.

Pics courtesy of Anabel Romero




Arturo Sanchez talked about CEVALE2VE at ICHEP 2016, the biggest summer international conference on particle physics. This year it took place in Chicago, from the 3rd to the 10th August 2016.

Check out his presentation here:

Meet 7 Inspiring Women from the ATLAS Experiment


Women play key roles in the ATLAS Experiment: from young physicists at the start of their careers to analysis group leaders and spokespersons of the collaboration. Celebrate International Women’s Day by meeting a few of these inspiring ATLAS researchers.  Please visit the following link:

Images: Silvia Biondi 

Text: Katarina Anthony

1st COFI Summer School (July 11-19, 2016)…Deadline March 15th

1st COFI Summer School on “Advanced Instrumentation and Analysis Techniques” (July 11-19, 2016)

The “Colegio de Fisica Fundamental e Interdisciplinaria de las Americas” (COFI Institute)  will host its
first Summer School in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico from July 11-19, 2016

The theme of the school  is  “Advanced Instrumentation and Analysis Techniques” with lectures on
advanced statistics, machine learning, simulation, computational techniques, cryogenic detectors,
silicon detector, novel accelerator, high power laser and topics in geology, atmospheric and climate science,
relevant for future physics and astro experiments. The attendance is expected to be a mixture of graduate students and postdocs and is limited to 50 participants.

The daily program is comprised of lectures on the above topics at the beginning of morning and
afternoon sessions, and a mixture of special lectures on topical interests, relevant discussions and
local tours. It also includes student poster session and social activities in the historically rich Old San Juan.

Details of the 2016 COFI School can be found at:

The application deadline is March 15, 2016. We are very much looking
forward to seeing many of you in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, USA.

The  2016 COFI School Program Directors,
Anne Dabrowski (CERN)
Sudhir Malik (Univ. of Puerto Rico Mayaguez)
Roger Rusack (Univ. of  Minnesota)

COFI Institute Director,
Mayda Velasco (Northwestern Univ.)