International Masterclasses in particle physics @Venezuela

Students from UCV, USB and ULA participated for the first time in the International MasterClasses 2016, an international hands on particle physics event. The event took place between April and May. Classes were dictated by  Reina Camacho (University of Chicago), Daniela Paredes (Yale University), Camila Rangel Smith (Uppsala University) y Arturo Sánchez (University of Naples) from CEVALE2VE.

The event counted with the support of  teachers and students from the different participant universities: Anabel Romero, Manuel Morgado, José Antonio López and Héctor Hernández.

Pics courtesy of Anabel Romero




Arturo Sanchez talked about CEVALE2VE at ICHEP 2016, the biggest summer international conference on particle physics. This year it took place in Chicago, from the 3rd to the 10th August 2016.

Check out his presentation here: